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Flower Of Life Selenite Healing Wands
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    80-120 grams
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Product Description

Huge and attractive collection of Flower Of Life Selenite Healing Wands at affordable price only at Hanifa Crystals. Using a selenite wand during meditation will assist the flow of white light energy and help attune your energy to your highest self. Simply hold a selenite wand in one or both hands, whichever is most comfortable for you, and visualize its high frequency radiating white protective light to surround you. The meaning behind the Flower of Life symbol is that it is accepted to speak to the cycle of creation. What's more, Flower of life is giving the internal quality in body. It portrays how all life comes from one singular source - represented by the circle in the middle of the pattern. It is said to hold the most significant and sacred patterns of the universe. Order online as soon as possible.
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