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Information About Our Company

Precious gems and stones goes back a long way in the history of this country. Known for beautiful and vibrant colors, these expensive stones have been an intricate part of the history of the Indian jewelry. Owing to their brilliance, these stones have often been considered to be the fittest possessions of the rich, elite and the monarchy of the ancient India.

As the ages heralded the designs and the patterns of these jewelry changed, evolved and cascaded into different tributaries and distributaries of artistic creations, influenced by regional elements of tastes, preferences, folklores and so much more. However amidst all such changes it is one element that remains unaltered and equally loved in all the gharanas of jewelry – Precious stones and gems.

Precious Stones Enhancing Beauty And Craftsmanship

The use of beautiful gems and stones helps to increase the beauty and charm of any jewelry piece. This is a traditional that is used in different parts of India so that the beauty and the character of the jewelry item can be evolved more prominently.

In various parts of India, different animals and their forms are used to create jewelry pieces such as necklaces, earrings and even bangles. You can also consider pieces such as pendants, fingerings and armlets that are often made after the shapes and forms of different animals. Some of the popular animal forms used for the purpose are those of peacocks, fishes and snakes. Other images used are those of flowers, images of ganesha and many more. In order to depict the beauty and the true characters of these images and forms, precious and semi precious stones and gems plays a very important part. These are the elements that are used to give a different and a completely new dimension to the jewelry pieces. At Hanifa crystals we offer you a stunning collection of such gem embedded jewelry pieces that are both stylish and also a celebration of our traditional jewelry making.

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