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Browse our exclusive collection of Tibetan Wands available in low Price only at Hanifa Crystals. Browse our huge collection of healing wands made from different materials like crystals, orgone, tibetan and wood. Place an order today to buy at wholesale price. They have a positive end point and the ball is a negative end. Tibetan Wands are used in a variety of ways to restore balance, clearing and dispelling. These Tibetan healing wands are whimsical, fun, and so magical. Beyond their playful look, they carry unique meaning and significance. I simply love them. I can’t wait for you to try holding one! They are adorned with a clear quartz sphere on one end, and a clear quartz point on the other, creating a magical portal for healing to enter. Known as the Master Healer amongst gem and metaphysical scholars, quartz unlocks your body’s own healing abilities to help you manifest perfect and Divine health. It also clears the auric body and grounds you at the same time. These wands are made of rosewood, twisted in an exuberant way, to remind you that you and all of us are interconnected with the Earth. Visit our online store and Place your order today.